“If we surrendered to Earth’s intelligence, we would rise up rooted, like trees.” – Rainer Maria Rilke


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Cellular Regeneration + Sovereignty

Deep Earth Connections harmoniously woven into the multi-dimensional body through

Indigenous Medicine and Timeless Frequency Technologies.

 Botanical Apothecary

SCENAR Bio-Resonance Therapy


Kahuna Body-Work

Deep Ecology

Use SCENAR® the breakthrough in non-invasive, drug-free medical technology in treating a whole range of illnesses, injuries, emotional distress, acute and chronic pain

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What Our Customers Say

beautiful products and excellent customer care


Rerooted is a company born out of a passion to remember who we are as people. We are nature and nature is us. Ruth represents that passion so well. She started Harmony Gatherings and created a platform for people with a similar vision to come together to share and promote ways of sustaining nature. Thus “rerooting” holistically to nature. The Rerooted product range was created with the same ethos – from nature to nature and nurturing, hence they feed, protect & correct our systems.

Rindai, Roots of Africa

I was blown away when I opened the parcel, truly impressed with the workmanship, customer service is just absolutely stunning with so much beautiful energy


Great products from mother nature’s abundant wealth. I high recommend Rerooted.


Great products from mother nature’s abundant wealth. I high recommend Rerooted.


Beautiful , Ruth! Such uplifting goodies you have.

Shireen, co-owner of Pure Alchemy

“Surrendering deep into the intelligent nature of the body of the goddess…. Dreaming the roots of the sacred trees..devoured by nothingness & woven into everything”   –
Ruth Rerooted ( creator/founder) .

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