Rerooted is a holistic, online health, wellness and artistry store.
We value local, and our diverse range of products are sourced from creatives and
producers that are passionate about creating harmonious relationships with each
other and our Sacred Earth.
Our range is created with the intention to nourish our bodies and hearts while being
custodians of this Sacred Earth.
Message from Ruth, founder of Rerooted: The seed of Rerooted has been growing
within me since I was a young girl, where I would walk my streets selling plants and
art to all my neighbours. 20 years later Rerooted Earth was conceived in 2016 during
a time where I had a desire to get to know my community especially the creative
locals who were passionate about growing their food and creating amazing ecofriendly
goods. Beautiful people focused on planetary healing. Initially, the range was
run through pop up markets, monthly boxes, Plant People talks and Harmony
Gatherings. The vision and intention is to weave strong, connected roots as a
community by sharing our creations and our stories. I'm grateful to the community
of local businesess and farmers that have co-created this platform and for the
conscious community of wonderful customers that supports it.