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Thrive Alchemical Chocolate


(2 customer reviews)
Thrive Chocolate bar – an Artisan Cannabis Chocolate alchemically prepared to The Flow of Love.

bio-harmonic blend of medicine intended for microdosing.

Relax into Well-being
Thrive with Alchemy
Consume Respectfully
Cacao is strong Medicine

Each 22g bar has 4 doses with 5mg CBD each as well as extra beneficial cannabinoids.


Our intelligent bodies are in a symbiotic relationship with the majestic Cannabis plant. Cacao is a heart opening medicine. Ormus, a harmonic multi-mineral that supports cellular regeneration and sovereignty.

This Alchemical chocolate is intentionally prepared, allowing the body to reconnect and Thrive.

Benefits of Thrive Microdosing Chocolates

  • Daily well being supplement
  • Heart opening
  • Supports immune system
  • Mood uplifting
  • Activates cannabinoid receptors in the brain (CB2 )
  • Cannabis well being without the high
  • May help with stress, fatigue, anxiety, depression, pain relief, neuroprotective properties, IBS, inflammation, PTSD
  • Heightened energy and awareness
  • Increased absorption of nutrients
  • Promotes healthy cellular PH balance
  • Refined sugar free so less addictive
  • Perfect for monthly moon time for extra minerals and chocolate craving
  • Healing, Nourishing medicine for modern day stress
  • Guilt free , wheat free, dairy free, nut free, additives free, THC free

CBD | Vegan | Organic

22g | 20mg CBD
5mg CBD per block

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a non psychoactive cannabinoid found in Cannabis. It has the ability to suppress the enzyme that breaks down Anandamide , keeping “The Bliss Molecule” lasting a longer duration.
CBD works harmoniously with the body’s natural endocannabinoid system – working more with our CB2 receptors in the brain.

Anandamide known as “The Bliss Molecule is a neurotransmitter that binds to cannabinoid receptors in the brain and body, creating a sense of joy & bliss.
Found in Cacao, Anandamide is also a naturally occurring endocannabinoid in the human body and works harmoniously with Cannabidiol – a major Cannabinoid found in Cannabis.

The alchemical blend of Cacao , Cannabis & Ormus has every intention of nourishing your body from within.


70% dark authentic Tanzanian cacao paste, coconut blossom sugar, cacao butter, sunflower lecithin, ormus ( multi-mineral complex ), full spectrum CBD dominant extract ( cannabis sativa with cyro-ethanol extraction EU ), wild Cape Blossoms

We do not use isolate extracts in our products.
This product is apart of the Hummingbird Medicinals range created by Rerooted Earth.

All ingredients organic



 Contains < 0.001% THC

2 reviews for Thrive Alchemical Chocolate

  1. Hooman

    Delicious pieces of goodness packed with most needed nutrients.
    The only guilt you feel eating one is having one less. you’ve been warned!!!

  2. Andrew

    So good! Really feel open and calm yet engergtic. Delicious:)

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