The Journey of Rerooted Earth

For years I played around with the word roots and what it meant to me.
Roots. Rerooted. Rooting. – it always came down to being anchored in truth, love & community.
With a love for plants & our planet – the journey of Rerooted Earth found me.

In modern times , how can we find our way to understand again that the Earth is sacred and that all our relations with the Earth are sacred too?

We are experiencing a massive awakening on our planet . These are probably the most powerful times as we witness the systems slowly buckle that have been put in place to poison us, numb us, train us , and eventually kill us too – all for money. The truth is tough to comprehend but absolutely necessary if we are move through this and create a sustainable future for our children.

“We are the custodians and the dreamers”- Dan Schreiber

What does it mean to be a Custodian ?
One that guards and protects.

I learnt in depth about this powerful word at a life changing workshop in 2015. It gave me the seed and direction to create a heart based business that made a difference.
Rerooted Earth was created in 2016 with the intention of connecting communities through plants.
The range was created through sourcing products from inspiring local entrepreneurs that all had a passion for creating high quality natural products that encouraged well being & harmonious living on our planet.

In the beginning I ran pop up markets and traded at various talks and workshops. Through the journey of offering natural alternatives to many customers out there seeking harmony within their lives from a health & well being perspective –  I discovered a beautiful connection with Cannabis/Hemp and followed my heart ever since!
With a background in working with entheogenic plants, I encountered the potency of combining CBD oil with Cacao ( fair trade ‘real’/ ‘proper’ chocolate ) .Having this deep connection with both Cacao & Cannabis  – I began a beautiful journey of creating ‘Medicinal Earth Truffles” for all the markets. They were delicious and sold out everytime !
Two years later, the idea manifested into approaching a local factory to manufacture high quality Cannabis Chocolate so that I could keep up with the growing interest & demand for the product.

Thrive Chocolates truly is a heart based product. We have sourced the absolute finest ingredients to offer an Artisan Chocolate Bar that stands out from the rest. In fact , there is hardly any other chocolate bars like it in the country … The high free chocolate bar is vegan , organic, and lovingly crafted with the intention of offering medicine through something everyone loves, chocolate!

After attending the Asian Hemp Summit earlier this year in Kathmandu, Nepal – I have been incredibly inspired to redirect my business to become more focused on Hemp.
Hemp will play a pivotal role in the regeneration of our South Africa.  We have an incredibly corrupt government and an alarming unemployment and housing issue in our country. I strongly believe that the more businesses working with Hemp and creating Hemp products, the more awareness will be created within communities and slowly the veil around Cannabis will be lifted. We need Hemp in South Africa! Let us Hempower our country !

I believe that the plants are here to support us , always. If there is any plant that I truly wish to focus my life’s work on, it is Hemp.
Let’s choose to live a life of harmony by reconnecting with nature. Regaining well being and peacefulness so that we can become custodians of this Sacred Earth.

“We often forget that we are nature. Nature is not something separate from us’’-
Andy Goldsworthy

More about Hemp Regeneration in our future blogs !

With Gratitude
Creator/Founder of Rerooted Earth

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    So inspiring! Will definitely be ordering some goodies

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